Shot Blasting Machine
·Blasting type pause:stick out a mile
·Shot blasting effect chart
·Threading machine for inner wall of plastic lined pipe
·Swing bed type shot blasting machine
·Roller shot blasting machine
·Q3110 drum type shot blasting machine
·Continuous pendulum bed shot blasting machine
·Steel shot blasting machine
·shot blasting machine
·Rotary shot blasting machine
·Steel shot blasting machine
·hook shot blasting machine
·shot blasting machines for wire rod coil
·mesh belt shot blasting machine
·shot blasting machine for anchor chain
·rotating drum shot blasting machine
·crawler type shot blasting machine
·shot peening tank/cans
·Continuous crawler shot blasting machine
·shot blasting machine for wind tower
·roller conveyor shot blasting machine
·rotary table shot blasting machine
·shot blasting machine for pipe(tube)
·hanging chain shot blasting machine
·shot peening and strengthening machine for round spring,crankshaft,connecting rod and gears
·shot blasting machine for engineering machinery and automobile industries
Sand blasting room
Special equipment for steel cylinders
Shot blasting machine accessories

shot blasting machineSandblasting room、、The cylinder device


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Qingdao friend machinery Co., a sino-german cooperative enterprise. Relying on Germany "Waldraff" company's technology and talent advantages, we combines integrating scientific research with production and operation.So it makes us become the expert in producing  shot blasting machine, sand blasting room, shot peening machine, sand processing equipment, surface processing machine,shot blasting machine for steel pipe inside and outside wall, cleaning machines for , cylinder and special machine tool.

     We are strongest in shot blasting machines' designing, developing and technical innovation in Chinese foundry industry. Our company is engaged in the shot blasting machines for more than ten years and win the good reputaion of integrity and quality.We have supplied excellent equipment and services for shipbuilding, automobile, military project, locomotive, machine tools, seamless gas cylinders and other industries with our rich practical experience. A number of technologies  fill the domestic blank, products' quality has reached the international advanced level.We also design and manufacture various non-standard special shot blasting machine, sand blasting room according to user needs.
     We will continue to produce best shot blasting machines as guided by advanced science and technology with independent import and export rights, strive to expand domestic and foreign markets.Now our products have been best-selling in domestic market and exported to southeast Asia , Europe, the United States ,african market and other countries and regions.
     If you have any questions , ideas, troubles and suggestions for shot blasting machines,please feel free to contact with us, we will try our best to service for you.
     We always want to introduce internationally advanced things about shot blasting machine to demastic market; We are always in the effort to develop the technology of  Chinese shot blasting machines.Let's work together, find the right surface finishing solution! Let's cooperate each other, find the right surface cleaning machines!Let me show our best shot blasting machine for you! Let  you enjoy our shot blasting machine!